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Our Story

Wrap City brings regional and international wraps, sandwiches, salads and flatbreads together under one roof. Our mission is to inspire people to try new and exciting flavor combinations that are age old favorites as well as wrap city created specialties.

Our Origins

Wrap City brings regional and international wraps, sandwiches, salads, and flatbreads together under one roof. Our mission is to inspire people to try new and exciting flavor combinations that are age-old favorites as well as wrap city created specialties.

The Wrap City team is committed to making fresh, consistent, great-tasting food from our homemade potato chips to our endless selection of unique wraps, and sandwiches. We hope to earn a top spot as one of your go-to destinations for lunch, dinner, catering, or just a quick bite.

Carolina's Pride

The style of the pulled pork sandwich and the BBQ sauce originated in North Carolina


Kingston Bay

Thousand island dressing was invented by a chef that worked in a resort in the thousand islands. Kingston bay is an area at the beginning of the thousand islands


Martha's Fav

One of our friends lived in Sarasota Florida for a few years and she used to always tell me about this sandwich she used to love at a little sandwich shop down there



A pulled pork sandwich with a Miami attitude

Mississippi Blues

The roast beef and the horseradish sandwich with bleu cheese is
very popular to that region


Omaha Rueben

The Rueben is said to come from a man that worked in a sandwich shop in Omaha Nebraska. Although some claim it comes from New York there seems to be more weight and literature from the Omaha version


Outer Banks

Known for some of the best tuna fishing in the world. The outer banks sandwich is also outta bounds


Philly's Best

Philadelphia is famous for the Philly cheese steak. We wanted to give it the proper respect it deserves so we got the same bread that they use at pats steak n cheese, we use real cheese Wiz and chopped sautéed onion



The submarine sandwich name originated in Portland Maine. A man came out with the sandwich that was full of sliced cold cuts and because of the shape of the sandwich and the proximity to the water it resembled a submarine. Hence the submarine sandwich was born


Si Racha

Si Racha Thailand is home to the origin of Sriracha sauce.  Although the most famous and most successful version is made in Irwindale California by a man who started off selling the sauce on the street corner to eat. The Huy Fong foods name is after the ship that the owner came over on


Tampa's Cuban

The Cuban sandwich didn't start in Tampa but we think it was perfected there. Many Cuban immigrants that settled and worked in Tampa brought the delicious sandwich to the states. It was very popular amongst cigar factories in Cuba and the original version didn't have a pickle and it had a different version of ham. We like the Tampa version so we named it appropriately

The Alamo

Cajun spice, avocado, chipotle sauce, pepper jack. Yup it should be named the Alamo


Wicked Tuna

Named appropriately because the wrap is simple and it tastes Wicked awesome

Bangkok Nights

Was named for the largest population of vegetarians in the world are from the Indian culture 


Blue Ribbon

The word cordon bleu actually means blue ribbon


Buffalo's Anchor

Buffalo chicken originated in buffalo NY in a small place named Anchor bar. We don't know if buffalo is overly excited for being famous for buffalo wings but we love how tasty a wrap it makes


Cape Codder

The style of chicken salad on this wrap is from cape cod mass


Cyprus Sun

Because of the Greek style feta cheese and the bright colors and flavors in this wrap we named it after the most beautiful Greek Islands


Dallas Style

Steak and BBQ sauce. That's big Dallas flavors for ya 


Hidden valley

Ranch dressing was invented by the man who owned the Hidden Valley Ranch in California. He named one of the best and tastiest dressings after his ranch.
Thanks man


Jersey Greek

New Jersey is home to the largest population of Greeks in one area in the USA

Kingston Jerk

Named for the Capital of Jamaica where jerk seasoning and jerk chicken come from


L.A. Rueben 

Is the style of RUEBAN that comes from the Los Angeles area. Made w turkey and coleslaw instead of corned beef and sauerkraut 


Paris Shroom

Named for the oversized button mushroom known as the Portobello. Made famous by the French


Plymouth County

Plymouth County? Plymouth Rock? Turkey ?? Need I say more?



We got nothing on this one. Maybe a woman named Rachel invented this version but we don’t know where the name came from


San Antonio

Named for the tex mex style of this wrap. San Antonio Texas is where tex mex fusion started. Thank god for that


Santa Barbra Ranch

Is the county that the hidden valley ranch resides in